Industrial panel PC used on the Forklift

As an important core component of industrial intelligent upgrading, unmanned forklift solutions are used by more and more industrial enterprises in core business links such as warehousing, production, service and even the entire logistics and transportation.


Features of unmanned forklift solutions:

1. Natural navigation based on the environment, without any modification to the customer's on-site environment

2. The positioning accuracy meets most of the material handling needs

3. Supporting corresponding operating software, easy to learn and use

4. It is simple to change the use scene and customers can operate freely

An unmanned forklift solution based on natural navigation in the environment. During the movement of the robot, the odometer information is calculated through the encoder and IMU. The motion model of the robot is used to obtain the initial estimation of the robot's pose, which is then obtained by the visual sensor loaded on the robot. The laser data is combined with the observation model (laser scanning matching) to accurately correct the pose of the robot to obtain the precise positioning of the robot.

After completing the construction of the scene map, it is necessary to perform map-based location and path planning on the basis of the constructed map to realize the navigation of the forklift AGV. During the movement of the forklift AGV, the odometer information is combined with the data obtained by the visual sensor to match the map, and the accurate pose of the AGV in the map is continuously obtained in real time. At the same time, the path planning (dynamic route or Fixed route, and each route is slightly different), according to the planned trajectory to send control instructions to the forklift AGV, so that the forklift AGV can realize automatic driving.